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If you've had a chance to visit our Muskogee location, you may have noticed we're pretty obsessed with plants. We do our very best to fill our shop with a curated collection of rare and unique house plants. 


When we opened our first location we started with around only 25 plants. Within a few months our love of plants quickly took over our small 500 square foot space and we managed to find room for over a hundred plants. Now that we've moved to our new location we have so much more room for plants, and that's exactly how we like it!

We believe that having flowers and plants in your space brightens your mood, reduces anxiety, and increases your overall well being. Now, more than ever, we are honored to be able to provide you with beautiful plants for your space. 

Our team is available to help you find the perfect plant for your home, office, or for your loved one. We love helping you with plant care tips and tricks you need to keep your plants thriving. Whether you are a new plant parent or you've been blessed with a green thumb, we are here to help you become knowledgeable and happy plant owners. 

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