Yesterday I spent a stupid amount of hours trying to take pictures against this new black backdrop. I tried it for a couple hours, tried different settings, moved the centerpiece around, covered up a window, blah, blah, blah. It wasn’t working out so I decided to switch back to the white backdrop. I had envisioned this centerpiece against the black backdrop, so I was really disappointed that I couldn’t figure it out.


When I was growing up I played softball for this really amazing coach, the kind of coach that teaches you life lessons. One of the lessons he taught us, which has always stayed with me, is to never give up. Every huddle before we took the field we would say the Lord's Prayer hand-in-hand, then pile our hands on top of our coach's hand, and yell, "WILDCATS NEVER GIVE UP! BREAK!"


I’m not a photographer and have no desire to be one, but I can’t bug my photographer friend to come take pictures every time I make a flower arrangement. So about a year ago I “borrowed” my mom’s Canon and haven’t returned it since. I'm not great at photography by any means, but I can usually get a decent picture of my flowers. I’m not really good at troubleshooting lighting and barely know anything about the settings. It’s all gibberish to me. You know when you ask a florist the name of a flower and we spout off some weird name, like bupleurum, and it goes in one ear and right out the other, well that’s me with photography.

After a couple hours I switched back to the black backdrop for one more go-around. Three hundred pictures later, I finally figured out the winning combo; evening sun, cover one window, draw the shade on the front windows, and turn off the lights. It may have taken me a ridiculous amount of time and effort, but I didn't give up and finally got the picture I needed. While I was waiting for the three hundred pictures to download to my computer I couldn’t help but think about what my coach taught me.